Thursday, November 26, 2009

Will Attend Community CARE Workshop

On our last monthly meeting, our coordinator announced that she received a letter of invitation from Smart communication Inc. It is about the Community CARE (Campaign to Advance Relationship-Building and Education) Community Education "Alamin mo Bro". It is a two (2) to three (3) hour free workshop on basic internet connection.
This free workshop in basic internet connection will be held at 5th floor BCLP Office, Pasig City Hall.I believe this seminar will be exclusive to all BCLP Computer Instructors and personnels. So at this time, all BCLP classes are suspended to give way to this workshop.
We undergo different seminars and workshops before. But I think most of my colleagues are wasting those seminars and workshops because they are not learning anything from those workshop. I don't know, but that's how I observed it. 
This CARE workshop will start later at around 2pm. I still don't know the coverage of this workshop or what new technology will they teach us. But according to the announcement of our coordinator, it's just about "basic internet connection". 
We all know that Smart is a business enterprise, and they are promoting their Smart Bro internet. So I think this is just part of their advertisement or campaign in promoting their Smart Bro product. Nothing special. But again, I wish I'm wrong. I hope that I will learn something new about the internet after this "Community CARE (Campaign to Advance Relationship-Building and Education) Community Education. We'll see...

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