Tuesday, August 24, 2010

PNP for Puro Naman Porma

I was very saddened by the hostage taking that happens last night in Quirino Grandstand in Manila. The news was immediately caught the attention of the international community and was aired in some international news agency.

As the whole world is watching how stupid our national police in the way they deal with the crisis, I remember how most of the policemen are acting in their day to day activity. Most are acting as though they were invincible, strong and tactical. The funny thing is, most arrogant policemen are those newly hired or have the lower ranks.

Whenever they pass by with their firearms, it seems that they are ready for any battle against anyone. But as I saw their performance in the said hostage taking at the Quirino grandstand,  they have nothing to be proud of.

They're a bunch of stupid government issues that are only for display. With very poor tactics and strategies, they wasted the life of our beloved tourists.

Those tourist just wishes to see our beautiful county, but what they saw together with their families, friends and countrymen are the stupidity of our policemen.

I feel sorry for our country, I feel so ashamed of our policemen. "Puro Naman Porma, wala namang binatbat..." 

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Best Structure for your Flash Site - a step by step tutorial from Mark Angeletti

Want to learn how to create a flash website? Here's a very useful link that teaches how to create the best structure for your flash site.

In this article, we'll develop a navigation system. Though it might seem trivial, this will serve as a good example for this article and the techniques can be applied to any project you're working on, be it a full Flash web site, a Flash poll, or a Flash RSS reader. Incidentally, I've created all of these in the last month, and all exhibit the structure that we'll see here.
Here's the link: http://www.kirupa.com/developer/flash8/best_structure_flash_site.htm

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Now that we have a baby, what will happen to our dog Tisay...?

This was the first time I left my dog tisay at home and take my younger brother to look for her. It's because I need to go and stay at the hospital to take good care of my wife and our new born baby "yuna".

Our dog "tisay" really missed me, I can see it by the way she approach me. When I approached her,  she hugged me immediately, sat on my lap and  continues to lick my arms, my face and it took about 10 minutes until she stopped and rest on my lap.

Tisay is sad by the way I look at her eyes. There's also a little bit of sadness within me because I am thinking... what would be Tisay's fate now that we have a baby.I am saying this because we have to move in my in-law's house in Antipolo where my wife's mother is there to look after our baby yuna while we are at work.

I feel sad and sorry for my dog tisay. She is a hyperactive, territorial but not aggressive kind of dog and her behavior and also her fur is not suitable for a our new house that have a couple of new born baby.

Now, to get rid of her hyperactivity, my beloved dog Tisay is always tied outside the house, on her leash with very small space so that she cannot move around freely. Unlike before when we are still at our house in Pasig where she's staying on our roof deck and  comfortable, free to run, move around and play with her toys.

I really love my dog tisay, she's my first adopted dog and she made me laugh and feel relax every time I play with her, teach her some tricks and just by looking at her. I couldn't ignore and disregard her. If only I have my own house with a garage and a backyard where she can stay and free to move around... Where no one will get annoyed by her hyperactivity and territorial behavior...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

SWAT 4: PC Game That Runs With On-Board Video Card

My video card Inno3D GeForce 9600 GSO is down so I grab some pc games that would run on my on-board or built-in video card. This pc game swat 4 runs well on my Core 2 Duo with 2Gb or RAM.

This is really a nice and awesome shooting game. You'll feel like you're really a S.W.A.T. or police officer. Although there are lot of things that I am looking for with the game play. How I wish that this swat 4's game play is like the call of duty series.

The story is short and missions are simple. Nice game by the way. :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My 30th Birthday: Sweetest Birthday of My Life

I just turned 30 today. This is the by far the sweetest birthday of my life. First time I am celebrating my birthday as a father, and now I really know how my father and mother felt when they first saw me 30 years ago.

Last June 06, my wife venus gave birth to our first child. Her name is Riona Victoria C. Rivera. I am so happy to see her for the very first time.

Now, on my 30th birthday, I can imagine how my father and mother felt when they first saw me. This is the sweetest birthday of my life.

Thank you so much 'Nay and 'Tay for raising, loving and taking care of me. I love you so much.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Editing in the cloud: Meet the YouTube Video Editor

This video offers a quick tutorial on how to use the YouTube VIdeo Editor: http://www.youtube.com/editor

Video editing usually requires installing software packages and having a fair amount of technical savvy. But we think video editing should be fun and easy, so we're introducing a new tool that anyone could figure out: it's an online video editor, now available in TestTube, our ideas incubator.

Without installing any software, it allows you to:

- Combine multiple videos you've uploaded to create a new longer video
- Trim the beginning and/or ending of your videos
- Add soundtracks from our AudioSwap library of tens of thousands of songs
- Create new videos without worrying about file formats and publish them to YouTube with one click -- no upload necessary

Source: YouTube

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mark and Charisse Wedding Tarpaulin Design

mark and charisse wedding tarpaulin design
Congratulations and best wishes to Mark and Charisse!

Monday, May 31, 2010

20,000 Budget Cheap Affordable Gaming Core 2 Quad Rig PC Clone Assemble for Pasukan Season

"Pasukan na naman!" Here's a cheap and affordable Core 2 Quad gaming pc clone that you can assemble for a 20,000 pesos budget. 
Start your classes with a new computer that you can use not only for your home works, assignments or projects but also for hardcore gaming.

Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300 - 6,700.00
Memory: Kingston 2 GB PC3-10600 DDR3 - 2,450.00
Hard Drive: Seagate Barracuda 320gb SATA - 2,150.00
Video Card: Powercolor HD4670 1GB DDR3 - 3,500.00
Motherboard: ECS G31T-M7 Intel G31 -2,000.00
DVDRW: Liteon DVDRW SATA LS - 1,300.00
Casing: Orion Glacier 5825 ATX 600W - 1,180.00
Keyboard: A4tech Comport Key - 285.00
Mouse: A4tech ok-720 USB - 150.00
Total:  19,750.00

The prices for the above equipment parts were based on prices in Gilmore Quezon City Philippines. So it will vary defending on the computer shop where you will buy. It is ideal to look for different computer shop in Gilmore Center and ask for their discounted or packaged price.
Study hard and enjoy your new computer this "Pasukan". :)

Michael Jackson and Slash Beat it (Live)

Here's the two of my most favorite music artists Michael Jackson and Slash performing one of my favorite song Beat it.

I really love this song. Michael Jackson has been one of my favorite music artist of all time, and his song Beat it is my most favorite song. I love to listen with this song's guitar and dreaming that someday I can do a guitar cover.
I tried to learn this song's guitar part, but it's really too hard for me. Having a hard time learning this song's guitar part, I gave up and decided to learn the dance step LOL.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Juan Dela Cruz at Tiendesitas

26 May 2010 - Juan Dela Cruz performed at Tiendesitas in Pasig City.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

I'm not ready to use the blogger template designer yet

Just this afternoon, I received an email from the Blogger Team. The message landed on my inbox telling me that the new Blogger Template Designer is out. I asked myself what is this blogger template designer?
We all know that the blogger blog offers some cute blogger template, but those templates were not very attractive for some many bloggers and we all end up with cool blogger templates available on the internet. Thanks to many web designers who continuously create free but elegant blogger templates.
Now, this new blogger template designer is really cool. Very easy to use and you can even have your own customize design without knowing html and css.
But I'm not ready to take advantage of this new blogger template designer for now. Why? Because I want to focus on it by the time I'm doing it. And I can't focus on designing for now because I'm spending my weekend with my family. Yes it's weekend right now, and I want to spend it with my wife, my dog, my family and friends.
Maybe on weekdays while I'm at work and have nothing to do waiting for my students to finish their hands-on activity in ADOBE Photoshop.
But you can now have your very own blogger template design without knowing css.  Instructions here: http://bloggerindraft.blogspot.com/2010/03/blogger-template-designer.html

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Grown Up Old Dogs Can Still Learn Obedience and Tricks - I Teach PitBull How To Sit First Time

There are lots of misconceptions about dogs. One of them is that "grown up" or "old" dogs cannot be taught or undergo obedience training or learn new tricks. This is very important because a lot of dog owners believe on this idea.
So is this true? Is it really too late for a year old or more dog to learn obedience and tricks? Well based on my experience, this is not true. Last night, I met this 3 year-old pitbull. She was so cute and very clean. I was so happy to see her in the hands of my dear friend emer because it really shows they're having a good owner-dog relationship. And emer really love her pitbull "tyra" so much.
One problem though, is that emer don't know how to train dogs. I asked my friend emer if "tyra" knows how to sit, and I've learned that "tyra" don't know any dog tricks. A lot of my friends immediately replied that tyra is old enough and cannnot learn new tricks.

There's a spark within me telling that I should try to teach tyra how to sit. Or should I? I never handled any old dogs especially this breed. Tyra is a grown-up pitbull and she was intimidating. The way she stare at people, it wasn't comfortable for me since I didn't have any chance of handling pitbulls.
There's always a first-time, that's the saying. So I reached for some treats and started to introduce to it tyra. I was amazed of how she responded. After some treats and praise introductions, I then started to lure tyra for a "sit" command. Everyone was amazed and so happy that this 3 year-old pitbull learned how to sit with his very first basic obedience dog training with me. And I'm so happy. With this, I proved that you can still train grown up or old dogs how to obedience training, and It's never too late for them to undergo training.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wedding Site of Enrick and Grace

On December 23, 2009, Enrick and Grace of Pasig City became one in faith and service to the Lord. The wedding was so elegant, simple and so memorable.
With this, the groom decided to ask for my help to have their own wedding site. That wedding site will be their online and virtual home of that precious moment. It will display some of the precious moments caught during their very special day.
So here it is, without any further a do, I am very glad to present you, Enrick and Grace Wedding Site:

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Looking For A New Job

I've been teaching various computer courses for five years. And I'm so happy doing it. It feels great sharing some of my knowledge and skills to those who really want to learn.

This time, I need to feel how important I am. I know how important a teacher to their students, but I need to feel my significance, monetary wise. And I really wanted to feel how important I am.

I'm looking for a new job. In a private company where I can be an asset and to contribute in Web Designing team. May lord guide me and help me land on the right job and company.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Hello 2010! Happy New Year!