Tuesday, August 24, 2010

PNP for Puro Naman Porma

I was very saddened by the hostage taking that happens last night in Quirino Grandstand in Manila. The news was immediately caught the attention of the international community and was aired in some international news agency.

As the whole world is watching how stupid our national police in the way they deal with the crisis, I remember how most of the policemen are acting in their day to day activity. Most are acting as though they were invincible, strong and tactical. The funny thing is, most arrogant policemen are those newly hired or have the lower ranks.

Whenever they pass by with their firearms, it seems that they are ready for any battle against anyone. But as I saw their performance in the said hostage taking at the Quirino grandstand,  they have nothing to be proud of.

They're a bunch of stupid government issues that are only for display. With very poor tactics and strategies, they wasted the life of our beloved tourists.

Those tourist just wishes to see our beautiful county, but what they saw together with their families, friends and countrymen are the stupidity of our policemen.

I feel sorry for our country, I feel so ashamed of our policemen. "Puro Naman Porma, wala namang binatbat..."