Saturday, March 27, 2010

I'm not ready to use the blogger template designer yet

Just this afternoon, I received an email from the Blogger Team. The message landed on my inbox telling me that the new Blogger Template Designer is out. I asked myself what is this blogger template designer?
We all know that the blogger blog offers some cute blogger template, but those templates were not very attractive for some many bloggers and we all end up with cool blogger templates available on the internet. Thanks to many web designers who continuously create free but elegant blogger templates.
Now, this new blogger template designer is really cool. Very easy to use and you can even have your own customize design without knowing html and css.
But I'm not ready to take advantage of this new blogger template designer for now. Why? Because I want to focus on it by the time I'm doing it. And I can't focus on designing for now because I'm spending my weekend with my family. Yes it's weekend right now, and I want to spend it with my wife, my dog, my family and friends.
Maybe on weekdays while I'm at work and have nothing to do waiting for my students to finish their hands-on activity in ADOBE Photoshop.
But you can now have your very own blogger template design without knowing css.  Instructions here: