Friday, August 19, 2011

Getting serious with webdesign and development

It's been around four years since I started my presence in the web. It was year 2007 when I enrolled in Meralco Foundation Institute and took some short courses in Information Technology. At first, I don't have any idea on what specific path to take in the field of Information Technology. I didn't know that Information Technology was such a big world and there are lot of specific career path to choose.
From there, I have learned Program Logic and Windows programming with Visual Basic .Net. Then in 2009 I was included in the Tesda Scholarship by the Informatics Institute and took Web Programming with ASP.Net. But Visual Studio programming did not stuck in my mind and in my heart. One reason is I fell in love with Designing for the Web.
So I started to learn webdesign using Adobe Photoshop and Fireworks. Learning this webdesign thing became my favorite past time. I am currently employed as full time Computer Instructor in Barangay Computer Literacy Program in Pasig City at that time and webdesigning is just purely a hobby.
Now, with the use of Adobe Dreamweaver, I am learning web programming with PHP and MySQL. To document my study, I will post the development here in my blog. I already have some working knowledge about webdesign and setup so I already created the webdesign mockup for my site and already managed to get a free webhost and domain name. 
Hope that my web development path became a success story and will make my custom CMS (Content Management System) using Fireworks + Photoshop + Dreamweaver + CSS + PHP + MySQL online and working.