Thursday, November 26, 2009

On Bass Guitar!

I also know how to play bass. When I was in college at P.U.P., I used to be a member of a rock band. Our band's name was "milk". You've read it right, "milk". At that time, bands with handles like Korn, Limp Bizkit, Sandwich were very famous. So I guess that's why we decided to name our band "milk".
My ka-banda's were Romulo on guitar, Francis on drums and Victor on vocals. It was our guitarist "mulong" who chose that name, and we also think it's cool enough so we agreed to be called as "milk". We used to play covers from different rock artists. From Black Sabbath's Children of the Grave to Limp Bizkit's Mission Impossible 2 theme song, we love to play those sort of different rock genre.
After college, I met new friends who also loves rock music. And they're also talented enough to show and express it. We call our band "Kwerdas". Ian on drums, Bon-bon on vocals and Doni on guitar.
It was a very memorable experience for me to play bass guitar. Especially if we're covering songs like Freak on a Leash, Children of the Grave, N.I.B. and Kagatan. But I think that kind of guitar is not really for me. I don't know, but I really enjoy playing lead guitar more even though I'm having hard times doing it.
I missed my bands, I missed the practice, I missed the audience, I missed the noise, I missed my band co-members, I missed my friends, I missed the announcers...
I still remember the times when each of us band members were being introduced every time we join different local band festivals.  "Regie Rivera on bass guitar!"

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