Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Every Monday, Computer Instructors are obliged to pass a weekly accomplishment report. That report will tell the office what have we done for a one week period. It will also tell about our student's status with regards to the schedule and attendance. The last part of the Weekly Report is about the inventory or the status of equipments inside our training center.
I decided to dismiss my class early to comply with this Monday ritual. I arrived at the office before 5:00 pm and was asked to stay a little bit longer. I was asked to have a conversation with her. Oh no... not again... I am not comfortable talking to her because I know that nothing good will happen.
I have talked to her last time. It was around the month of August when I celebrated my 5th year in service as casual employee Computer Instructor. I told her most of my grievances like my employment status (I'm still a casual government employee despite the fact that I am a Civil Service Professional Eligibility Exam passer), benefits of teaching advance courses, our modules and teaching system to name a few. As what I expected, the conversation ends without any good result.
Nothing new happens, and this time I decided to shut my mouth because further talking will just only aggravate the gap. Although I want to tell her a lot of things. Things that I think will  improve the Project and the well being of Computer Instructors. Things that I have told her already and were just passed through her ears. If only she knows how to listen... If only she's professional enough to think and understand...

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