Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hello Tisay! Hello World!

Saturday of June 2009 when me and my wife spent our weekend in my in-laws in Antipolo City. Medyo nagtaka kami when we first saw a little white puppy inside the house. Meron na kasing Aso dun and his name is "Chow". Chow is not a pure breed chow-chow. But he is so cute and we love chow so much. So sabi ko "kaninong tuta 'to". I learned that like ''chow", the little white puppy was also gave by my brother in law's boss to him. The puppy was so young and it's about a month old. So me and my wife Venus started playing with that white little puppy and  we realized how cute she is. Then Venus asked them if we can adopt the puppy. Since my in-laws already have a dog, the allow us to adopt the puppy and named her "Tisay".

We named her "Tisay" because of her appearance. With her brownish-white coat, pinkish paw, brown nose and blue eyes, she's so "tisay".On our way home to Pasig, Venus put "Tisay" on her hat. Yes, Tisay was so small enough to fit to Venus' hat so we can carry her easily and para hindi din sya ma-stress. Before we got home, we went to a nearby pet shop and bought "Tisay" her crate, shampoo, dog food, plate, shirt, bed, collar, drinking bottle, vest and leash.  We love our new family member and we will try our best to give her a good life.

Tisay spent her first night with us beside our bed. We tried to keep her calm inside her crate but maybe she's so sad or anxious. We observed her and she's so calm and sleepy if she's beside our bed. So we decided to take her out of her crate and let her sleep beside us. When morning came, we woke up with a happy cute little puppy beside us running around, wagging her tail and licking our face. A very good morning to us all! :)

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