Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Txt frm Mam Sheryl... Any Questions?

Last night I received a text (sms) message from our coordinator... "Attention: BCLP; TXT FRM MAM SHERYL - MAYOR'S OFIZ: Mam Rowce, fyi 2mrw 1pm orientatn of automated elec (smartmatic) at 5th flr cnfrence hall. Pls atend as per Lolet T. Austria (LTA) Tnx... If u have any Question, u cn ask me -RDT".
After reading the message, I asked myself why did I received that damn message? That message is clearly not for me and why should I ask question? Or should I? So I immediately replied that I don't have any questions because I clearly understand the message that Mam Sheryl is asking Mam Rowce to attend the orientation. So it doesn't have anything to do with me.
As expected, I received a reply stating "Lhat tyo involved, ako lang ang tinxt nun tao 2 inform BCLP group". It said that we BCLP are involved, and she's just the only one who received the message to inform the whole group. So to clear things, I told her that if she wants to inform us, she just have to tell us. I also told her that we don't need any original messages to be forwarded to us and then left us hanging and expect us to raise questions. I don't think that kind of information dissemination strategy is effective or professional.
Afterwards, I received a final message from her saying "You are directed to attend form the electronic orientation tomorrow 1pm Conference Hall (5th Flr.). After reading this, I laughed a little and sigh hard. Because I really feel sorry for this kind of coordination being done by our ranking officer. *Sigh*... another unprofessional way of coordinating us...

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