Thursday, December 3, 2009

Large Number of Delegates on Parade for Pasig City Mayor and his Official Ticket Filing C.O.C.

On December 1, 2009, Pasig City witnessed another way of showing support to its beloved City Mayor. It was the day the Pasig City Mayor, Bobby C. Eusebio formally started his bid for re-election as he and his official ticket filed their certificates of candidacy (C.O.C.) at the local Commission on Election (COMELEC) office.
The parade was formed by different people in all walks of life, like students, entrepreneurs, drivers and operators and different non-government organizations and associations It is one of the biggest parade ever happened to express support to their political leaders  in filing of C.O.C.
Comprising of different groups from all Barangays, the parade was brought heavy traffic to the major streets and ways all over Pasig City. The Traffic and Parking Management Office of Pasig City has been very busy managing the traffic re-routing to give way to the said event.
Each group from different barangay were headed by Barangay Computer Literacy Program volunteer students wearing white and blue shirts with each letter printed in front and back to form the word "BOBBY".
"Running under the Nacionalista Party, Eusebio’s re-election endeavour gained steam as various stakeholders in Pasig City expressed their support for his candidacy after demonstrating competent leadership when the city faced Typhoon Ondoy.The Pasig city local chief executive is also widely credited for implementing innovative programs attuned to the needs of his constituents in the areas of security and peace and order; education and culture; recycling and environment; business, livelihood and employment; infrastructure and housing; social services; youth and sports development; and health." according to Pasig City Official Website.

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