Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Blogger.com Blogspot Custom Favicon.ico Google Hosting

As a Blogger.com or Blogspot blogger, we cannot host our own customized favicon.ico icon on our blog. Yes we can host images on on our PicasaWeb account and post it on our Blogger.com blog but we are not allowed to host any other files like documents and ".ico" icon.
But if you really want to change your favicon to stand out from the rest of Blogger.com or Blogspot blogger, there are simple ways to do it. I have a recent post on how I did it but I changed my mind on where should I host my custom favicon.ico.
On my previous post, I decided to upload my custom favicon.ico file on merrypic.com. It's a free image hosting site that also allows you to upload and host a ".ico" file. But recently I noticed that my custom favicon is missing for some time, and it's because of slight problem on my free merrypic hosting. So I decided to host my custom favicon.ico file on my Google account.
Yes, the powerful Mr. Google can host our favicon.ico so we can use it on our sites. If you type the url of your uploaded favicon.ico file, Google will let you download that file into your computer. Although it doesn't allow us to view the favicon.ico on our browser if we type the direct url of our custom favicon, but still, the file is there to serve us. All you have to do is put the url of your uploaded favicon.ico inside your head tag of your Blogger.com blog template and tada! your favicon is there.
So how does Mr. Google host your favicon.ico? Just upload it with your Google Site. Once you have your Google Site up and running, all you have to do is upload the favicon.ico on your Google Site as an attachment and Google will host it. Then you have to point the link on your Blogger.com template's head to your favicon.ico. Simple, Google. :)

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