Friday, December 25, 2009

Filipino Families Celebrate 2009 Christmas at Different Metro Manila Parks

It's Christmas time! We decided to celebrate our first Christmas as a new family here in our home. Waiting for our many inaanak to visit, mag-mano and greet us a Merry Christmas with their very sweet smile in their face. Then giving them their gifts feels very sweet this Christmas Day.

While most of my friends are having drinks, I decided not to drink this time. Because I want to spend also this Christmas with my wife and our upcoming baby to Church. We want to give thanks to our Lord for this Christmas and all the blessings that we received throughout the year.

That is how I spent my Christmas with my family. Most families spent their Christmas time this way:

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This Christmas, many filipinos living here in Manila, Capital City of Philippines decided to celebrate their Christmas in different Parks and Amusement places.

One of the favorites is the Manila Ocean Park located at the heart of Manila. With just 400 Pesos and 350 Pesos entrance fee for adult and child respectively, each one will enjoy the thrill of being in underwater world.

Those who cannot afford Manila Ocean Park can also spend their Christmas Day at different Parks and Playground just like in Kalaw Avenue. Most families brought their lunch and enjoyed their meal with their family.

Another place to stay this Christmas Day is the Baywalk in Roxas Blvd. With a very nice weather, it feels so great to be at the sea shore and watch the beautiful sunset while enjoying Christmas meal.

A lot of families also loves to feel the serenity of Rizal Park or Luneta. It is one of the historical places in Manila and many families are spending their family time here.

It's Christmas! Whatever way we decided to spend it, the most important is to spend it with our family. It's the precious time with our family and with the Lord.

Merry Christmas again. :)

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