Thursday, January 28, 2010

Grown Up Old Dogs Can Still Learn Obedience and Tricks - I Teach PitBull How To Sit First Time

There are lots of misconceptions about dogs. One of them is that "grown up" or "old" dogs cannot be taught or undergo obedience training or learn new tricks. This is very important because a lot of dog owners believe on this idea.
So is this true? Is it really too late for a year old or more dog to learn obedience and tricks? Well based on my experience, this is not true. Last night, I met this 3 year-old pitbull. She was so cute and very clean. I was so happy to see her in the hands of my dear friend emer because it really shows they're having a good owner-dog relationship. And emer really love her pitbull "tyra" so much.
One problem though, is that emer don't know how to train dogs. I asked my friend emer if "tyra" knows how to sit, and I've learned that "tyra" don't know any dog tricks. A lot of my friends immediately replied that tyra is old enough and cannnot learn new tricks.

There's a spark within me telling that I should try to teach tyra how to sit. Or should I? I never handled any old dogs especially this breed. Tyra is a grown-up pitbull and she was intimidating. The way she stare at people, it wasn't comfortable for me since I didn't have any chance of handling pitbulls.
There's always a first-time, that's the saying. So I reached for some treats and started to introduce to it tyra. I was amazed of how she responded. After some treats and praise introductions, I then started to lure tyra for a "sit" command. Everyone was amazed and so happy that this 3 year-old pitbull learned how to sit with his very first basic obedience dog training with me. And I'm so happy. With this, I proved that you can still train grown up or old dogs how to obedience training, and It's never too late for them to undergo training.

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