Thursday, July 8, 2010

Now that we have a baby, what will happen to our dog Tisay...?

This was the first time I left my dog tisay at home and take my younger brother to look for her. It's because I need to go and stay at the hospital to take good care of my wife and our new born baby "yuna".

Our dog "tisay" really missed me, I can see it by the way she approach me. When I approached her,  she hugged me immediately, sat on my lap and  continues to lick my arms, my face and it took about 10 minutes until she stopped and rest on my lap.

Tisay is sad by the way I look at her eyes. There's also a little bit of sadness within me because I am thinking... what would be Tisay's fate now that we have a baby.I am saying this because we have to move in my in-law's house in Antipolo where my wife's mother is there to look after our baby yuna while we are at work.

I feel sad and sorry for my dog tisay. She is a hyperactive, territorial but not aggressive kind of dog and her behavior and also her fur is not suitable for a our new house that have a couple of new born baby.

Now, to get rid of her hyperactivity, my beloved dog Tisay is always tied outside the house, on her leash with very small space so that she cannot move around freely. Unlike before when we are still at our house in Pasig where she's staying on our roof deck and  comfortable, free to run, move around and play with her toys.

I really love my dog tisay, she's my first adopted dog and she made me laugh and feel relax every time I play with her, teach her some tricks and just by looking at her. I couldn't ignore and disregard her. If only I have my own house with a garage and a backyard where she can stay and free to move around... Where no one will get annoyed by her hyperactivity and territorial behavior...

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